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Coconut Beach Eco Soy Wax Melts

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The Coconut Beach Eco Soy Wax Melts offer high quality and long-lasting fragrance. Each eco-friendly aluminium tin contains 15 mini melts (depending on weight) with an average 20 hours of fragrance  time. This wonderful smell is sure to remind you of summer holidays with a creamy coconut scent. Soy wax generally burns for longer being made from natural vegetables. 

Ethically sourced and handmade in the UK from 100% natural soy beans, these wax melts are of the highest quality.  Whilst the wax is 100% biodegradable, the tin is made from aluminium so it can be reused or recycled making it a more environmentally-friendly choice .  

Individual product weight approx: 28g and measures H2.7cm x W5.5cm x D5.5cm.

Why not visit our range of wax melt and oil burners which are compatible for use with soy wax melts? Simply place a piece or two of your favourite wax melt into the dished area of the burner. Switch the burner on to heat and melt the wax, releasing the fragrance, and filling your room with beautiful aromas.