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Desire Aroma Bulb Flower

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This colourful Aroma Lamp creates beautiful flower shape patterns and is compatible with both fragrance scented oils and wax melts. Perfect to give as an anniversary gift or birthday present to someone special.

  • Round Aroma Lamp With beautiful bulb flower shapes
  • Also acts as an Oil Warmer
  • Touch Sensitive Turn On And Off
  • This lamp is touch control once put on a flat surface
  • The Sensors to lamps are in the base and have some movement
  • Powered UK Mains
  • Comes With Power UK Mains Black Lead
  • Two Halogen Bulbs Included (One as spare)
  • Replacement Bulbs Compatible 23W / 35W / 40W
  • Gift Boxed Individually
  • Approx. Size: H19cm x W13cm x D13cm
  • Suitable for Use with both Oils and Wax Melts
  • Electrical safety tested
  • No fragrances included
  • No batteries required

The touch sensitive feature on the Aroma Bulb Flower Lamp has 3 Light Settings enabling you to switch between different light intensities settings with just the touch of your finger!

The aroma lamp creates beautiful shapes and colours which is integrated into the mirror.

To use, place on a level and heat resistant surface before placing oil or wax melts in glass dish and plugging in burner.

Unplug when not in use and let cool completely before moving or cleaning glass dish with warm, soapy water.

Easy and safe to operate
Simply plug in and turn on by touch control at the base of the lamp. After a few minutes The fragrance will fill the room with pleasant and relaxing aromas.

Do not use near water
Only Use on a Heat Resistant Surface

Aroma Lamps Become very Hot During Use
Only use on heat resistant surfaces
Please keep children away from this item

Please refer to the guide (included) for operational and care instructions when using the this Aroma Lamp.