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Desire Aroma Cylinder Lamp White

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Bring the enchanted forest into your house with the Aroma Tree Cylinder Lamp in Matt White  from Desire. The wax melt dish is contained inside the body of the lamp and is heated on a hot plate. When lit, the light escapes through the gaps and casts shapes of the forest against the walls.

This item is a touch-sensitive controlled lamp and a scented wax melt burner. There are 3 settings low, medium and high which is shown by the level of light. The level of light also determines the amount of heat given out by the bulb to heat the wax so you can control both heat and light together simply by touching the outer casing. Please note the sensor is more sensitive near the top or bottom of the device.

Safety Reminder
Place the scented wax melt first, before switching it on for safety measures. Also, due to the nature of this product where high heat is given off by the bulb to warm up the device, do not use the burner for more than 3 hours at a time as it may damage the product.

- Approx. Size: 16cm
- Colour: Matt White
- Lamp uses touch technology. Touch to light up
- Great for mixing and matching your favourite scents
- Suitable for most wax melts, granules or tarts
- Plug: UK Mains Powered Plug