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Gold Diffuser Candle Set of 3

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Enjoy this set of 1 Desire Diffusers with 2 candles, Nectarine Blossom & Honey Scent Fragrances. It is sure to provide a delightful scent to any home space. It comes with a set of 1 diffuser , six reeds and 2 scented candles in a sleek rose gold gift box.


- Set of 3 Items
- Rose gold
- 1 glass Diffuser
- 2 candle holders
- 6 reeds
- Nectarine Blossom & Honey Scent
- Candle Burning Time Approx. 9 Hours
- Home fragrance set
- Perfect as a Gift or housewarming present

Instructions for use:

- Remove Plastic plug from bottle top and retain in case you should need to reseal the bottle in the future.
- Immerse the reeds into the liquid in the bottle. For maximum effect, once the reeds have absorbed some of the liquid flip them over so the infused part of the reed is exposed.