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Honeycomb Bees Reed Diffuser 120ml

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Shop this charming Honeycomb Bees Candle Pot in a 120ml bottle. Great for decorative purposes or to add that perfect ambience in your home space. Its a well presented candle in a Ceramic pot with Bee figure in a lovely gift box, Would make a perfect birthday gift!

Approx. Size: W9cm x D9cm x H16cm
Design: Honeycomb Bee Decal
Shape: Round
Diffusion: Approx. 4 to 6 weeks (depending on room temperature)

Instructions For Use:
Remove plastic plug from bottle top and retain in case you should need to reseal the bottle in the future.

The more reeds you use, the higher level of fragrance. Flip the reeds on a regular basis to maintain a high level of fragrance. Always flip the diffuser over a paper towl to avoid any drops ono your table or surface.

Combustible material that can sustain a fire. Do not light the sticks and keep away from sources of ignition. Do not place on or near any painted, varnished or plastic surfaces which may be damaged by perfume oils. Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of contact rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water. If consumed seek medical advice. Wash hands after handling. Use only as directed.