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Satin White Stars Aroma Lamp

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This White Satin Star Aroma Lamp from Desire is operated by touch control. It can be used with wax melts and scented oils and comes with a removable glass dish included. When switched on, after a few minutes it will heat up, and produce a mixture of larger and smaller star Silhouette shapes that glow, as well as filling your space with amazing scents.

- Round Aroma Lamp With beautiful White Star shapes
- Also acts as an Oil Warmer
- Dimensions: 16cm x 12cm x 12cm
- Touch Sensitive Turn On And Off
- This lamp is touch control once put on a flat surface
- The electric touch lamp has 3 settings to switch between different light intensities
- The aroma lamp creates beautiful shapes and colours
- It features a large removable glass dish with a Star design
- The 3D lamp is fitted with a 40w capsule bulb
- Includes a spare capsule bulb
- No fragrance included
- Fitted UK Mains Plug
- Item comes in matching box
- Perfect Anniversary, housewarming and Birthday Gift
- Full instructions included in the box

Easy and safe to operate
- To use, place on a level and heat resistant surface
- Place your favourite fragrance in the glass dish (top of lamp)
- Switch on and relax by touch control
- After a few minutes, the fragrance will fill the room

- Do not use near water
- Only Use on a Heat Resistant Surface

- Aroma Lamps Become very Hot During Use
- Only use on heat resistant surfaces
- Please keep children away from this item

Please refer to the guide (included) for operational and careinstructions when using this Satin Stars Aroma Lamp.